Thanks for the info about stressing the fish. I am new to this sport, and had been already looking for a net. I will follow your advice in the future. Thanks for saying it nicely to the newby.

As for harvesting fish, I do take some. I carry a tape and strictly adhere to the slot limit. I fished Norris 3 days this week. I took 3 on Tuesday (Yummy)! Took 5 more small ones Wed. And releases all of them today. I am probably harvesting more heavily right now as this is the first year I'm catching lots of fish but none are wasted.

I have never seen the game warden or been checked, but they are out there. I know of 2 occassions they were out there in the last 2 weeks. Once was apparently and angry fisherman who called on a little boy who took a trophy trout from next to where this guy had been fishing all day. The boy was checked, it was legal and they went on there way. I have also seen people with fish in the slot limit. I wouldn't want to be them when the game warden shows up.

Also heard report of trophy brookies taken last weekend. One guy up there swore some were almost 30 inches. I would have to see evidence of that.

Happy Fishing!