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Thread: Chilhowee Drawdown

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    We went up there in October and it WAS incredible. I wrote about it on my blog, as well-

    And holy crap! Jeff Wadley and Charlie Wimmer! I feel like I'm 18 years old and climbing the hill over at Hiwassee College again. It's good to know you two are still out there doing cool stuff.

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    Default Yep...Jeff and Charlie

    We spend so much time together I am sure people will talk! ha ha ha. We just returned from a trip to Bob Bald in Citico and have made a few trips to Minnesota Boundary Waters as well. Good to hear from you! Enjoyed your blog re: Abrams Creek. I will never forget my grandfather calling me one night and told me he WAS GOING TO take me fishing. We fished just below the Tallassee Store if I recall correctly. Near sunset we got back into his old pea green Buick and after he shut the door he said "Take a look at the will be a lake this week." Of course I had no idea what that meant. Now I do.
    ----Jeff Wadley

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