Well decidied to fish tellico today, in the cold. I started out on the North and after about 2 hours without so much as a bump I headed over to the main river. I fished just below where the North dumps into Tellico and did quite well. Every fish I caught was definitely a stocker, but in 20 degree weather, in the middle of January, who cares if it is stocked or not! I caught them all on a tandem rig with a copper john on top and a pheasant tail below..

I'm pretty sure I killed my line today with all the ice in the rod guides. Every 5 minutes or so I would have to "de-ice" the rod tip so the line would feed through. Now I know alot fo you are thinking, why doesn't he use the silicone that is supposed to stop that? Well I have that stuff, and have yet to see it work. However it could be due to user ere. I glob it on the guides, and hope for the best. Anyway, it was worth having numb feet and beet red fingers, even if I hadn't caught any. (ironically, my fingers were not beet red until after I had to unhook and release several fish!!)