I've probably heard about more methods for catching carp on a fly rod than I have for trout. There's the soaking flies in corn and letting them rot method, tossing wooly buggers by there noses, running fox squirrel nymphs under an indicator, throwing san juans, red a$$ sh, popcorn flies, mulberry flies, midges on 6x, even seen one caught on a smallie popper. I thought I'd go to the first hand source of information. What flies do you carp fisherman go to on the stream of lake? I've tied a few bushy ugly nymphs I predict to be effective, but I don't really know at all. Carp and smallies will be my number one target this summer. My current strategy for carp is set a heavy wooly bugger down in the dirt by their nose and twitch it slowly. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about the golden ghost.