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Thread: Float Tube Donated

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    Well that is awesome. I am glad to hear it turned out great. Mna it is a good looking piece of equipment. And no money out the pocket, wish I had a boss like that. Use it and post some picks of your adventures.
    Romans 10:9-10 KJV

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    First used in early '60's when we made them annually from canvas, grommets, parachute cord, and truck inner tubes. Worked great in the strip pits in S.E. Kansas, especially those could not get into without a rope and were impossible to fish from the bank because were totally overgrown. Have two (2) now, son and I use them in ponds, slow streams, and small lakes. Not sure abt in a flowing stream, but I have seen people go past me on the Clinch in a float tube, but no old farts like me. Watson

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