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Thread: Info on Hiwassee?

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    Default Info on Hiwassee?

    Stopped by the Hiwassee outside of Reliance, TN yesterday. I have always wanted to fish this river as it is not too far from home. I hope to have my first small pontoon this spring. Any info on fishing the Hiwassee and floating it as well appreciated.

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    I haven't been since March of last year. The people I talked to said that they thought it was an off year for the HI. I would tell you to have some midges and BWO's if you go before April. Once April hits, the Hendricksons should start coming off. Also tan Elk Hair Caddis work well. For nymphs try BHPT, hare's ear nymphs, and zug bugs (for the high population of isonychias). Also, winter black stonefly patterns are also effective nymphs during the winter and early spring.

    As far as fishing locales, it is an easily accessible tailwater for miles. However, I would stay away from the roadside access, to me the size and quantity is just not there. Park at the Big Bend parking area and walk down the trail to the right. Good fishing spots all the way down thru there and it is supposed to be artificial lures only. However, you occassionally run up on some people who are not abiding by the regs.

    Check out the following website for more info:

    Good luck
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    I haven't fished the Hiwassee for 3 back and tell us how you did...The best advice I can give you is to book a guide for a half day and he'll show you around...

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    You'll need the water running to float in your toon, and until you get comfortable & efficient with the oars, I'd remain on the upper stretch from the PH to Towee Creek.

    The river has struggled through the drought, but it has been fishing well lately. If we keep getting rain (fingers crossed) the Hiwassee will fish like a champ this year. The HI flourishes on high water. It's floatable and wadable (in places) with the water on and the fish and bugs love it.

    The information previously posted is good and will get you by for bugs.

    Also remember you must wear a PFD while floating the river.

    Have fun.

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