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Thread: West Prong Little Pigeon River Contamination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hw3 View Post
    Not a coincidence that Sevierville and Gatlinburg begin with the same letters as Sodom and Gomorrah.
    What shall be we call Walland or Cherokee then?

    Lets see, Walland has a store right there on the Little River on the Lamar Alexander Parkway on the road going to Townsend I believe it is called the "Adult Superstore".
    Cherokee has a a big gambling Casino right on the main drag.

    Sure every growing town has problems with waste management. Seems like I remember problems with runoff from all the dairy farms, located in the LR watershed also. Anyone ever fish the little river below the Phillips 66 gas station in Townsend? The dairy farm across the river can get pretty ripe on a warm summer day. Lots of Phosphates running into the river causing reduced clarity and algea blooms during low water conditions. Didn't Maryville have some waste water problems recently with its plant located off Hwy 411, which dumps right into the Little River by the way?
    It sure seems like everyone wants to talk bad about Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg but they are not the only places that deal with population growth, over development, moral and enviromental issues.

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    I just have to tell this story since Townsend was brought up. During the flood of 1994(?) I brought about 60 youth and adults up that week from my church in Maryville to help people with clean-up along the river. We were there from that Sunday night through the next Wednesday. About 10 days. One lady in particular lived on the river near Wesley Woods. All week the Red Cross brought her a gallon of water per day and lunch. All week we cleaned out her basement, cleared off her lot and spent a lot of time helping her neighbors as well. At lunch every day she would set out a gallon jug of water (the residents were told not to drink their tap water because of the possibility of bacteria in the wells from the overflowing septic systems). On the last day when all our work was finished she threw us a party. We finished off one jug of water and she told me to go get another out of the refrigerator. There was none. I opened her pantry and there was stacked 10 gallons of water. I froze. I went outside and asked her, "Virginia, where have you been getting the water you have given us to drink?" She replied "I just fill up the jug from the tap." She had been giving us water from her well!!! I asked why she was not using the stockpile of water jugs and her response was "I was saving them for an emergency." I said "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!" Ha ha ha. I had to call the Health Department and tell them that 60 people have been drinking tap water from a well. They about flipped out. Luckily none of us became sick.
    ----Jeff Wadley

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    Default troutman i agree

    I agree trout man this thread has gotten way off where it was originally going. And I am guilty of that pig trail also. The main thought when I made this post was the contaminated water on the spur. I do love the mountains and hope that it does not get polluted up and that is what I was asking. However, I agree with others on this post that there are two types of pollution and one is spiritual toward what we except. I just simply feel that the mountains is my place of vacation and if I do not state somewhere what I would like to see in my vacation spots then I can not gripe when it gets corrupted both physically and spiritually. But I do agree with you 100% with the points you made. I just want those mountains to be the place my grand kids oneday could go to and it still be as prestine and wholesome as when my parents went.
    Romans 10:9-10 KJV

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