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Thread: Spring predictions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteCz View Post
    My personal opinion is that while the total number of fish will be down in the Park the next year or two, due to two years of drought, the fish will continue to be larger than they would be in "normal" years. The fish that have survived will have more food available to them (less competition) and will need to eat more voraciously to keep up with their growth, so we should be able to catch about the same amount, if not more of them.
    Yep, and last year's stream survey on LR showed excellent numbers of brown trout. There should be some larger rainbows showing up this year and the brown trout fishing should be great for the next few years...

    MarvintheRookie, better bring more than that...3 or 4 would probably be sufficient...
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    In thinking about Pete's post, fly fishing for me (in my vast 21 months of experience now) has become an interesting study in expectations. In the first 6 months or so that I went fly fishing in the Smokies, I caught trout every time I went out. Granted it was somewhere around 4-6 trout but I expected to catch something every time I went. The first time Pete and I went fishing it was up on WPLP and I expected to catch my normal 4-6 trout and it ended up somewhere around 15. Surprise!

    The first time we went to Road Prong, I had no way of expecting the thrill of catching brookies. What a beautiful fish! Once again, Surprise!

    Just when I think I've gotten accustomed to a particular stream and know what to expect when I go, the water level changes and again I'm surprised. Where did that run disappear to? Wasn't there a pool or a bend there?

    Every time I go fishing, and no matter how many times I fish a particular stream, I am surprised every time. When I went to Abrams creek this past week, it was the first time for me to fly fish that creek, it was the first time fly fishing with snow on the ground, it was the first time fishing where the air temp was 20 degrees lower than the water temp. I had virtually no expectations but was pleasantly surprised with a beauty of a rainbow.

    So, as to predictions for this Spring, the only think I can predict is that I will definitely be fly fishing, I will continually be surprised and I will have a ball regardless of where I go or how many trout of what size I catch.

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    Some will catch many, other will catch few, some will be skunked .
    no matter when you go, you will get told that last week was the big hatch
    But its always good...

    ...that is unless this is supposed to be a competition. If that is the case can someone please tell me where to download the competition rulebook since I didn't get one with my flyrod
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    With all the rain this year it should be a great mountain laurel and rhodendundrum hatch. Therefore I should catch my fair share of bushes in the spring.
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