Saturday afternoon 1/24/09. Dam release schedule shut generation down at noon and were expected to turn back on around 6pm. Weather forecast called for 41 and howling cold winds from the north. Thinking the dam would provide a little protection from the wind we headed to the river around 1:30pm. Water was just getting settled and fish slowly churning back into feeding lanes. Protection from the wind was not available. The wind was coming straight down the river. Bitter cold seemed like 10 degrees.

Saw a few friends coming back up river with only 3 C&R's for the day on egg patterns and one on a small hares ear. My sons and I stayed around the hwy 50 bridge and managed 8 fish total. 7 little browns and 1 rainbow. 2 fish on a sz 12 tungsten hares ear, 6 on a sz 14 copper john. Was critical to have no drag on the drift and fish were holding on far seam. Current was causing drift and mends to be a little tricky for my 8 and 10 year old. Ended up hooking fish and letting them play them in. All in all a good day but cold, will be glad to see some warmer weather soon. No size..10" brown best fish of the day.