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Thread: s. holston hatch in the rain

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    Default s. holston hatch in the rain

    Strange happenings at the s. holston today(1-20). Raining, strong wind(10-20mph) and......a ridiculous hatch! Not sure what was hatching but managed to "catch" a couple via foul-hook(#20 bwo). the one pictured was the closest to their mouth i could get. The other 2 I hooked much closer to their tail. I think I was just slow on the uptake and ended up kind of snagging a couple of decent browns. Just below the weir(sp?) dam, fish were slurping, slapping and leaping for bugs. All in the rain and howling wind. eventually one other fisher person joined me on the dam. and of course, the not-so-friendly wildlife officer. he wasn't mean or rude or anything, just not a friendly type like I've encountered before. all in all, a very impressive scene. fish rising left and right so close you could kick them. wow....cold rain, miserable wind. bugs got to be tough...

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    Could've been some olives, midges, or blackflies, maybe some little caddis though not sure on there hatch - any number of winter fare but the foul weather can keep emerging bugs stuck in the surface longer or knock the ones that make it back into the water...keeps the food around concentrated longer and sounds like they were on the emergers ...that's one reason why i love foul winter fishing another it keeps the crowds of the water...awesome to experience, good to see someone's getting out there to enjoy it!
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    I'm no expert, but I would say that you have experienced the daily blackfly hatch at the weir dam. It is unbelievable. The fish just stack up there waiting on these bugs to come through the grates.....and they always do. These fish can be tough to catch because they see so very many flies at the weir. They can afford to be very picky when it comes to which ones they actually put in their mouth. Believe me, it can be quite maddening watching those fish feed right at your feet and then reject your offering.
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    I've experienced the same action on the so.ho. usually it is either a black fly (26) or b.w.o. ( 24) that has been taken just at the surface. try a #18-#20 b.w.o. with gray c.d.c. and tie on a dropper about 16 inches. You'll foul hook more and unless you are an absolute purist, it'll be fun.
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    the stripper midge in rediculously tiny sizes will catch fish rising to black flies, as well as a midge hook wrapped in black thread and coated with head cement or a black fly tied with small black vinyl ribbing and some peacock herl around the head. drop these flies off of a small bwo emerger of your choice. its tedious fishing, but its effective.
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    Default Rain

    The best days I've had on the South Holston have been during downpours.

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