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    Default Quill Gordon Nymph

    A number of patterns are out there that are said to imitate the Quill Gordan nymph including Roger Lowe's "My Pet". What do the rest of you guys/gals tie to use in anticipation of the first hatch of the Spring seaon?

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    Are you referring to nymphs ??
    I usually miss the Blue Duns, etc. although I carry a few dries with me. I used to nymph a lot than now and used a weighed March Brown as a searching pattern in the early spring. Also I carried unweighed Hendrickson nymphs. Most spring nymphs can be matched with PT's or GRHE's.
    As far as a specific for Quill Gordons, I just tied up several Quill Gordon Wet flies to use as an emerger. I believe QG's emerge under water and are vulnerable as they swim to the surface making this stage important to trout. If I don't see duns or rises and the trout are "high" are high in the water column, I fish the QG wet fly up and across.

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