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Thread: Fishing Trips Gone Bad?

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    Red face A good day fishing?

    Originally Posted on 12/7/07
    Kind of a funny story

    Well I should have taken a clue when my trip to the Caney got delayed this morning. My 16-year-old son missed the bus. So since dad was on his way to go fishing (thatís not very important) ďMOMĒ.
    I finally make to Bettyís Island around 9:00 knowing that the release should be there by 10:00 to 10:30 so I decided to go down stream towards Congo Bottoms, stopped a few times to fish, but didnít have much luck tried a Zebra, Wooly Bugger & hairs ear but still nothing.
    Well hereís where things get good, went to the interstate bridge on the downstream side, tied off my Gheenoe were the river splits around the island. Then I tied on a Zebra midge with a tiny pink tail just as the release caught up to me. Well donít you know I start to hammer the browns 10 cast 8 fish, things are great right!

    ďNO there NOTĒ

    I was fishing with my boat about 30í behind me, when something told me to turn around! Well I did. Guess what? Ya your right no boat! I kinda got that oh $%#@ feeling, didnít know how long it was gone, so I started heading down the bank but no boat to be seen. (This about the time you are all laughing youíre butts off) I never realized that the river runs faster than I do, till today!
    So here I am in a panic running down the island hoping to catch my boat before it hits the Cumberland (visions of sitting at River Front Park tomorrow waiting for it to float by). Well 6 tenth of a mile latter sitting on the opposite bank from where I am ďof courseĒ is my boat at the mouth of Smith Fork Creek. Did any of you know that is a rather deep channel, well neither did I till this afternoon, it is a little on the cold side also! Well the only thing to do now is strip down to the skivvies and swim across; did I mention it was COLD?
    Well allís well that ends well.

    P.S. lost that **** fly running through to woods.
    "He that can't endure the bad will not live to see the good."

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    Default Another bad trip!

    December 30, 2007

    It all started a week before Christmas of 07, One of my employees asked my about fly fishing, well guess what he got for Christmas, yes a fly rod & reel. Well after badgering me all week to take him to the Caney, I caved in and took him the following Saturday.
    By 8:00 am we were on the water. Had a good day and ended up down in Congo bottoms, (were I previously took a swim). To get back on track we get out of the boat and start to fish, well after a while itís starting to get dark so we get back in the boat and head back to Bettyís Island. Thatís when things take a bad turn! I started the motor but hadnít put it in gear yet, as we are drifting down the river I was putting some of my gear away, when I got that uneasy feeling you get right before you turn over. If youíve ever been in a Gheenoe you know itís pretty darn hard to flip one.
    Well as I looked up to see what the heck was going on I noticed Craig leaning over the side looking at the bottom of the river. I donít know if he was in a trance or what. I decided to bail out hoping the boat would right itís self, but noooooooooooo, Craig had to panic and rolled the boat over! Hereís where things get bad! Craig lost his glasses and starts to totally freak out, I mean lose it, have you ever seen a grown man cry! I was yelling for him to help me flip the boat back over before the motor sucked water. Guess what, your right to late.
    Now we have a 6 mile ride up stream to Bettyís Island with nothing but a 30lb trolling motor that is bow mounted in front of Craigís seat. At this point he informed me that this was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I told him to put the trolling motor on 5 the highest setting so we could get back before it was totally dark, well heís so freak that he will only put it on 1, at this point Iím getting pissed big time! After a few choice words he finally put it on high and two hours after the sun went down and the trolling motor was dead we made it back to the truck.

    Needless to say it was a very quiet ride back to Nashville and the last time we ever fished together!
    "He that can't endure the bad will not live to see the good."

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