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Thread: Back Country Trip potential dates May 23,24,25,26.

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    Hans: Will look at schedule, and try to work out. I have access to a Hazel Creek Cart, which holds abt 200# of gear and can be easily pushed up Hazel. With four days, need to get the first shuttle on the party barge to the trailhead, and time on trail depends on which campsite can be booked for Mem Day weekend. As I recall, Bone is abt 7 miles, and abt 4 hrs with a cart, assuming no badly rutted trail and all bridges intact; also depends on level of Fontana and how close to the trailhead he can get the barge.
    Skip Watson

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    Slight change of plans, I've got two potential taker on this and we are doing a shorter trip. Leaving Sat Am , hoping to be at campsite 84 at about noon. It is about 5 miles up. Staying until Mon, AM. Trying to be at proctor at noon.

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