Last night I planned to arrive at 10:00 at the steps to begin my day of fishing. Well, my dad came in late last night and wanted to go as well, so we packed up the jon boat for an all day float. Today was one of the best days on the Caney that I've ever had.

We were floating idly in the water under the dam getting ready, and my dad was able to get in the water much faster being a bait fisherman He made multiple casts with EVERYTHING that has worked for us- Garlic Powerbait, orange Powerbait, nightcrawlers, you name it. Remembering Dwayne's post earlier, I tied on a sz. 14 EHC in orange, and the usual sz. 18 black and silver zebra midge. On the first cast a trout hit the EHC in still water. I couldn't believe it. Mad props to Dwayne!

A few casts later I caught the first fish of the day- a FIESTY 4" rainbow He literally unhooked himself, and jumped out of the net. All this action before we even reached the steps! I caught this brown just after the steps, and had to take a picture for the Feb. Fish of the Month.

I'd say I caught a little over a dozen fish, all rainbows in the 4-12" range except for that brown. I caught more fish than my dad, but his were more quality:

The reason today was my best day is because I caught so many fish within a short stretch of time. I might have caught 1 or 2 after the first bend from the dam, other than that they were all on that main stretch. We were either catching fish and didn't have time for photos, or we were sitting on our numb hands!