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Thread: Crappie with Flyrod?

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    Default Crappie with Flyrod?

    Plan to go crappie fishing with a buddy and was wondering if I should take a flyrod along. If so, what flies might they be interested in? Thanks!

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    chartruese and white clousers size 10 to 6 according to place sinktip line. chartruese or white wooly buggers. this should do it. also olive and white clousers. of course thats alabama.
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    I fish the Stones River when I can't make it out to the Caney Fork. I use the Stones River to practice my casts, and I would use the smallest white or yellow popper Bass Pro had, so it was small enough to catch a fish and I could still see it easily. The bluegill GO NUTS after it, they hit it and take it under water but everytime I set the hook there is no fish. Their mouths are too small. But the fly I had most luck on was a small bee imitation, one the typical yellow and black but moreso the orange and black. I didn't even mean to catch fish with it, I used it because I got it and dozens of others like it off eBay for $2. I cast it off to the side to look through my fly box and when I pulled the fly out of the water to bring the line back, a 2" bluegill came flying out of the water. Being as hot and tired as I was, I laughed out loud for a good 10 minutes.
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    I have used 1/32 oz crappie jigs, 1/80 oz even better if you can find them. Usually fishing them under an indicator. Thingamabobbers work great for this as they are easily adjusted for depth. 1/32 roadrunners in white, yellow, black.
    jigheads with chartruese softplastics. These should all work well for Tellico, Watts bar, Norris lake where the main crappie forage will be small baitfish.

    I have also tied up a few jigs with calftail and beadchain eyes, adding splitshot between two fly rig to get the flies down.
    Some other flies that work well on crappie would be RLDs, hares ear nymphs, and prince nymphs. These are much easier to fish with ultralight fly rods.

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    Default Minnows

    Both Flyred and Troutman have excellent suggestions. I tie my own 1/80 and smaller jigs and they do work great on Crappie. The other thing I would try are small streamers imitating minnows. I have also used small Roadrunners, but you have to use a heavier rod and I prefer my 3 wt for panfish. I am lucky enough to get to fish a place that has 15+ inch Crappie - what a blast on the 3 wt. Don't be afraid to use some bright colors.

    Google up a fly called Crappie Candy.
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    If you can see this, it's a BHP sz 10. They love 'em fished under a strike indicator, even if the indicator sinks it slows the descent of the fly.

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