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Thread: need fishing partner float trip holston

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    Default need fishing partner float trip holston

    Hi guys any one want to float the holston river with me on sat and sunday sat genaration looks favorable email me at have bin catching a lot of fish mostly stocker rain bows

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    Default Here we go again?

    Man seems like every time you request someone to tag along for a SoHo float I am booked for the weekend? I would love to go fishing with you, I have never floated the SoHo, and would just love to go, alas I am booked into some outof town travel this weekend, if you want shoot me an email at sometime, maybe we can hook up some time in the future. Thanks for asking and good luck!
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    Hi guys will be at the ramp at 730 to 8am satmoring if any one want to go fishing stop by your ill be flotaing the river alone . cant see why no one want to fish with me ?

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    I have not floated the upper section from the dam. I've only floated I-cave to NF. The one hour of 2+ generation ought to be interesting! Good Luck, I'll be floating also, only not on the Holston , and not looking for trout.

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    If I'd have seen this in time, I would have went! I live in Knoxville and would love to float the Holston. I've floated it some in a canoe, but never in a drift boat. I've only done the same float that Troutman was talking about, never from the dam down. If you ever need a partner, send me an email at:

    Do you have a motor for the boat? where are you putting in and taking out at?

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    I don't fish the Holston much but if you ever want to try the Caney Fork and want someone to fish with, let me know... It's a great river for floating although a bit crowded sometimes...
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