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    How many of you out there have heard about what the PETA whack jobs are up to now? They have always been out there stirring up trouble, but now they are targeting our children. Their latest campaign is to personify fish and change their identity from "fish" to "sea-kittens". Their angle is to ask children if they would like to see somebody take their pet and put a hook through them, abuse them, and then thrown them out to die. I am not making this up, here is the website:

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    I read about this first in the latest edition of FlyFisherman Magazine, but have been hearing that they are changing their focus to the younger generation for the past couple months. Now most people I know realize that these people are off their rocker, but if they start trying to spread this message in our schools that would not be good. I know we cannot prevent them from taking this position or trying to spread it, but I believe it is imperative that we all join TU or some similar fishing organization to help fight for our right to fish and keep this stuff away from our children.
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