Thought I'd share some photos from the South Holston this past weekend. My buddy and I got on the water about 8:30 or so. The fish were nymphing, taking most anything that resembled a midge or a bwo nymph. There were a lot of baetis nymphs in the water, and they were almost black, about size 18-20. A 19 would've been just right... see the fish vomit picture. We saw a few hatching off the top, but not worth tying on a dry. Fish of the day was a 16+ inch brown, caught by Ben in a run I hastily fished over. The weather was perfect, not too much wind. Got my first sunburn of the year and had a goodle time. Well worth the drive and the exhaustion - maybe the broken rod... I should also mention we were checked for licenses. Props to TWRA up there... It was nice to see regs posted and spawning habitat signs. How come I never get checked on the Clinch, though?

Rainbow- definitely not fresh off the truck.

Baetis, 1 scud, 1 midge, and some ?flying ants?

Ben and his stolen brown that taped out to about 16.5"

Hold it out towards the camera - adds 3 inches instantly!!