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    Heading to Clearwater for Spring Break, and wonder if anyone has advice on wadable water nearby. Not adverse to a guide for one day or so; budget won't take much more. Only exprience is Bonefishing in Turks & Caicos, but have whipped the water to a froth at Hilton Head and Nags Head with no luck. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Skip Watson

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    I've only fished down in the Tampa area a couple of times... There is supposed to be quite a bit of wadable water at Fort DeSoto State Park at the south end of St Petersburg. We fished off of Honeymoon Island north of Clearwater. Also north of Clearwater there is a park called Howard Park. We caught some fish up there too. We didn't have the advantage of a guide we just went on our own.

    Here is some info for a guide down there. I haven't fished with him, only met him here at the shop. Captain John Hand 239-842-7778.

    Have a fun time in Tampa.


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    Check out Steve Gibson at I've never fished him or up there, mostly I have done Ft. Myers south. I seen and heard a lot of good reports on him over on Flyanglersonline last fall. Did some emailing back and forth over Freshwater fishing in the glades, gave a lot of info which I've had to store for next winter.

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    I have no personal experience there but I've heard that the fishing around Sanibel Island (not sure how far that is from Tampa) is pretty good. East side I think. There is some type of reserve (for pelicans or flamingos or something) there that you can't enter but you can fish the mangroves around it. I had a friend that used to kayak out there and fish. They used to have pretty good luck.

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    I usually fish the Sanibel area in the winter. Its about 2 + hours from Tampa area. The fishing is as good all along the coast around Tampa. The Pine Island- Matlacha area is supposed to be better and is closer to Tampa. Sanibel is HOT for Snook in June off the beaches. The Ding Darling Wildlife refuge has a large area that can be fished by NON-Motorized boats. You can launch from the wildlife road any day but Fridays, must launch into bayside, can fish the island side from road but can't enter. The refuge is fished fairly heavy. If you are interested in Wading Birds- Spoonbills, herons, egrets, pelicans, etc. this is probably one of the best areas in US during Jan-March

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