I road over today since it was raining and took a look at Hiwassee lake. It sure is hard to find if you take the back roads.We went below the dam and looked around and I saw a boat ramp but, I never saw a ramp into Hiwassee lake itself. I read on the "fishing Index scale" on the TVA site that Hiwassee ranks pretty high on Walleye and Smallies both... but, I heard someone talking about going over there and cathing yellow perch in unheard of numbers. The problem is I can't remember who told me that. I know of no one that has fished this lake. I would like to learn Hiwassee lake as well as it's outfall into Apalachia lake. It looked like it would hold some real bruiser trout. If anyone (or someone who may) know this lake please let me know. I will even take someone with me. I will provide the boat and trasportation. Thanks.