After a couple of years of fly fishing now, I have come to one conclusion as to why I fly fish and this conclusion came from discovering what is not my motivation in the sport.

I have read a number of books on fly fishing. I have read several John Girach books that convey his unending joy for fly fishing, the humor, the excitement, the enjoyment of good friends who share his passion. And then there have been a couple of books that kind of made my head hurt. They go in depth into the technical aspects of fly fishing and it's like the difference between reading a good novel and studying a math book.

What I have learned is that the question of "Why I fly fish" is strictly for the pure and joyful recreation of it. I started way too late in life to try to get too technical with it. I'm catching fish and for me, that's enough. Someone else may catch 25 trout in a stream where I catch 5 but that's OK by me. I don't want to over analyze, I don't want to calculate, I don't want to take a perfectly good leader, cut off the last 18 inches and replace it with something else. I learn something almost everytime I go and it's more by trial and error than by process decomposition.

Give me a beautiful stream on any day and a couple of willing fish and that's enough for me. I'll never write a book, I'll never be a guide, I'll never be the guru of Smoky Mountain fly fishing; but, by golly, nobody will have more fun. And that's why I fly fish.