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Thread: New Wading Boots

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    Default WPLP Gorge

    Hey Pete,

    I would like to talk with you more about the Gorge. Can we email?
    Chris McCarthy

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    Chris, shoot me an email at petecz at

    And I use felt for fishing and the rubber lug soles for hiking. I've thought about getting a pair of the AquaStealth soles, but rarely fish in the tailwaters, so I haven't given them a shot yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeRick View Post
    They are the only boots I have ever used and I love them. The ability to change from a hiking to a felt sole is great. I have worn them for 6 seasons and they are still going strong. I just got a pair of the Stealth soles with studs. I wore them the last 2 days when I was fishing for Steelies and they worked perfectly. Also, they are a fairly light boot.

    Hey BuckeyeRick how do you care for your, maintenance and storage?
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