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    Default holston river

    Has anyone been fishin on the Holston recently? if so what is going on up there? current flies, any hatches etc...any help would eb greatly appreciated. I want to go fishin with fri or sat and hope to have a great day

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    Default holston river

    chad email your ph number i can put your right on fish

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    Chad..I've been on the Holston several times this week and about all that's hatching are midges. Haven't seen any caddis yet but the fish are active. We mostly fished bead head pheasent tail nymphs size 16 and 18 about 2 feet below an indicator and have been doing really well. If that didn't work a size 20 zebra midge would usually do the trick. Good luck!!...Mike.

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    I fished the Holston on Tuesday and did real well with 22 adams and any other real small dries. They were coming up to the emergers but were still taking my flies as well.

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    Default caddis

    Chad. This is the stomach content of a fish on the Holston from this past Saturday. Even though you don't see caddis on top of the water, doesn't mean they aren't feeding on them below. Soon after finding out what this fish was eating, my buddy and I switched to caddis larva patterns and caught more fish!!

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    Default My 2 cents!

    Alright the thread is already started and I believe I'll knock it down a notch. Billyspey, my father, and I all fished the Holston yesterday. My first time ever on any section of that water. We floated from Tampaco to Indian Cave.

    The day started off rather slow not picking up much of anything. Fish were midging like crazy all day and we hit the mark on a pattern I tie up for a different river system. We got about 3 runs in working very methodically before getting out to wade. When we did the whole river came on.

    The entire river from our boat upstream to the eye could see and downstream looked like one big boiling pot of water. Fish were rising everywhere. You had to have the right technique to hook these guys because they were taking the flies with such force. At one point I allowed my flies to dead drift (without setting the hook) throwing a big upstream mend getting a solid 35' to 40' drift. I watched my flies get ate 6 different times. Some of the craziest stuff I've seen fly fishing. We netted easily 75 fish possibly 100 between the three of us.

    Now the downside of the Holston. The boat launches are horrible, I mean horrible. Dropping (I mean it literally) off at Tampaco requires you to basically put your boat off a 6 to 8' bank of large rubble rock. Taking out is worse and would require a 4 wheel drive truck with a little ground clearance. I wouldn't reccomend small SUV's especially in the rain you'll be lucky to get your boat out of the water, and I would hope you or one of your friends know how to properly back a trailor down the access points. Keep in mind this is all on low water.

    Secondly, running your boat on low water will have you hitting every rock on the way through the shoals. To complicate things there were plenty of wade fisherman to contend with on the way through. Don't misquote me on that either. I'm not angry with the wade fisherman or fussin.

    Thirdly, if you plan on running this section of river be aware that unless you really like rowing your boat for long distances you should probably have a trolling motor! 5+miles of slack water. Longggggg meandering sections of slack water. The best part of that section is the first 2 miles beyond a doubt. The rest is a rather boring float that requires a guide who rowes everyday or trolling motor to make it bearable! Mr. Bone your a real champ if you really row all of that, No worries I've heard you do!

    Finally, I don't know that I would reccomend this water for an all day float. I just don't think I could. This is strictly opinion and for some guides they may like me posting this or possibly not. 100 fish days are good days on the river. But, I like quality with variety. I like brightly colored rainbows, sticking a big brownie on occasion, and seeing brookies show up in places they really shouldn't be. I like fishing good water the entire length of the float and looking forward to the next section of water. Well, once I got past River Bend I can't say that I was impressed. I do think this could be a tremendous water if TVA and TWRA would work together to make this a year round fishery. The bug life is certainly there for it. I was amazed upon turning a rock. Caddis Caddis, Caddis! Midges, oh my!

    One final word, If you were wondering what the hatch of the day was I'll give you all a secret for you all to figure out! Ready?

    I don't know enough about this river to say that I'll stay off of it, but I won't be visiting with the regularity that I will our other waters! If your a guide, I'm sure you'll appreciate one less person on your waters!

    There is death to the underside of a Clacka! Thank goodness for the shoe!

    Avg fish of the day. They all fought with passion or thought they were 20'' One that size actually took line off of my reel!

    Hooked up!

    Indian Cave Take Out. Doesn't look that bad does it. Haa haa, trust me it's what you can't see in the picture!


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    And you didn't even do the rough section in regards to boat damage. Bellow you at Indian cave is boat eater shoals, 3 boats I personally know of have had soccer ball sized holes put in them, and another one sunk!

    The Holston is not for the faint of heart when the water is off, especially if you love your gel coat.

    And you haven't lived until you take a boat out at any of the ramps with the water coming up, or on. A word of advice, brush up on the boat insurance and maybe the life insurance as well.

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