Here are some pics of the boo rod I have been working on. It is a South Bend I think 323 from what I have been told. I just got the finish on the wraps tonight. I used scarlet nylon with black trims on both sides of the wrap a single on the guide side and 3 on the lower and 2 on the upper of the rod at the end of the foot. Boy those things are hard and mine didn't turn out all that well. I can't wait to get it out in the yard won't happen tomorrow just finished with the finish so better wait and will have one more coat to put on the tip tomorrow anyway. Heres some pics.

One of the guides on the middle section

Stripping guide.

looking up the rod at the stripper. I love that Hopkins and Hollaway stripper, the ring looks so much tougher than others the way it sets up in the guide instead of being exposed and able to pop out.

A little wrap I put a the 20in mark. Now to find a fish that I can use it on!

One of a couple of the ferrule wraps, decided the red would be too much there so I flipped the colors.

This has been so much fun. I want another now! Thanks so much to all that have helped me along you guys have been great.