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    Default A little time on the SoHo

    Seems like I have not been able to fish as much this year. But I have finally gotten out a little more over the last couple of weeks.
    Those guys that fish the mountains are used to fishing from out of the water. But it seems that most tailwater anglers just jump in and start casting. I have recently been reminded that it pays to look before you step in. I approached the river very slowly the other day and spotted a brown settling into his feeding lane - rewarded with this

    doesn't look like much in the net, but he was about 14"
    swimming away to fight another day

    I spent some time walking the bank trying to photograph fish, but these fish hold close to the bank in some really shallow water and I had more luck casting to them than I did photographing them.
    Anyway, caught this colorful brown on another trip the end of March

    This fish was so colorful that when it first turned on the hook set I thought it might be a rainbow... check out the back half

    I hooked 2 more nice fish in this same spot, lost them both, 1 was really nice, he jumped a couple of time and was a really heavy fish. I really wanted to land them to see if the colors were similiar since they came from the same area. I was playing the fish pretty carefully, they were on a dropper fished on 8X tippet under a BWO.
    I had recently cut off the factory welded loop on my fly line because the line was cracked behind it. I replaced it with some stiff amnesia and the blood knot was getting hung up in the line guides big time. I guess I am going to have to do some sort of glue-in or something, know matter how good a knot it may appear to be I still can't get one to go smoothly through the guides. I am fishing long leaders and have to reel the fly line all the way in passed the stripping guide to be able to reach the fish.
    Always find some of these when we get back to the truck

    Looking forward to April.

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