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Thread: Mixed Bag on the Holston

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    Default Mixed Bag on the Holston

    didn't like the schedule on the Clinch today, so I went to Nance's Ferry today to try and continue where I left off a couple weeks ago. When I arrived, there was not another car in the parking lot, that soon changed. However, it didn't matter to me since I was so far upriver that nobody even came near me.

    Fish were still taking midges well, and they were rising all around. After picking up a few on a zebra midge, I switched to an olive slumpbuster in an attempt to find something larger. I was surprised with what I found. On one of my first casts, I hooked into a fish that charged hard to the bottom and upstream. Finally landed this guy:

    I was quite surprised, this was my first ever smallie on the fly. I continued to work this shoal with the streamer and was picking up either a bow or a smallie on every other cast. The action was fast and furious, and I can see why smallies are so addictive. A few of them put on an aerial display for me. I took the water temp and found it was in the low 50's, that was also unexpected. I guess the warm rains have really shot the temps up, and the clarity could best be described as stained. The carp were also up and active today, and some of them were beasts. May have to go try that sometime soon. Ended the day with an even mix of bows and bronzebacks.

    Here is another shot from today:

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    Great report, my goal this year is to land a decent smallie on the fly rod. Since I live in Kingsport it should be just a matter of time....
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    Nice! Got my first Smallie on the fly from the LoHo several years ago. I've been ruined ever since!

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