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Thread: WPLP is back in play!

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    Thanks Rog 1.

    I have never fished that particular section.

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    Default Wplp - 4.30.09

    Played hooky from work and fished the Gorge with CCMMCC, from the Nature Exhibit up to above the Tunnel. Didn't manage to catch many fish between 10a and 1p, but things picked up in the afternoon. Caught lots of small rainbows (4-6") below the Tunnel, but finally managed to start catching 7-9" fish at and above the tunnel. Caught all of mine on a TroutDude CHC Caddis. Chris used a few different flies and did as well, if not better.

    Due to their small size (and lack of teeth) of most of the beginning fish I actually managed to catch 28 fish with the same fly (without losing or retying it). By the time we quit, the bigger fish had chewed the fly to pieces and it would no longer float. Before this trip, the most I caught on a single fly was 6 fish. More than anything else it took a lot of luck to catch that many on one fly...(I was in the trees twice, got taken under a rock a half dozen times and had to use my forceps about a half dozen more times, but the hook kept coming out and the 5x Flouro tippet never slipped the knot)...

    The flow was down on the WPLP, but the level was still quite fishable. The rains today have obviously changed the flow situation. It should be good fishing again later this weekend.

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    Had a great day fishing with PeteCZ. He was kind enough to give me a handful of flies that he tied. The first thing that came to my mind when I examined them was "detail". Pete's tying is particular and you can tell he pays attention to detail. Which explains why he probably outfished me! The fishing turned on and turned off for no reason that I could tell, but there was still plenty of fish caught.
    Chris McCarthy

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    Congratulations, guys.

    I had every intention of taking a half day on Thursday and going up there but at 4:30 on Wednesday, someone scheduled a meeting for me at 3:00 Thursday afternoon. Just wasn't meant to be. My turn will come.
    Charlie B

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