I drove up to fish the South Holston last tuesday. That afternoon it was raining quite a bit, but I still managed a few fish on a bwo pattern. Wednesday turned out to be the best day, with low clouds, some wind, and looking like snow all day. Caught fish from 1030 till 430 on numerous bwo patterns, sizes 20 to 18, sparkle duns, parachute olives, full dun patterns. Mostly browns to 14" but quite a few rainbows too, up to 13' Saw few people. Thursday was yet different again. Bright sun, mid 60's. A few sulphurs started around 12:00. Picked up a half dozen before the water came up at 1:00, on #22 zebra midge. The best period was fishing the falling water around 2:00, using sulphur comparadun w/split case dropper. Fish were very active for about an hour and then it just quit. Scouted around on different parts of the river till 5:30 but no obvious insect activity. Can't wait to get back up when the sulphurs really get going.