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    Default Inflatable Boats

    I have a canoe but it's heavy as a battle ship and about as loud. I was thinking (just thinking at this point) about getting an inflatable boat but, I have some issues that worry me. What thickness would be suitable for dragging the pontoons over rocks and just general river debris? Are the inflatable boats that have a standing platform on them really worth the extra money?
    The pro's for a boat as the way I see it right now. I can fish deeper water and cover more area.
    The con's.... you really need two vehicals. It's more junk to have to carry around and it takes up valuable time that I could be wade fishing...

    Give me some info.

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    Default I've been looking for a canoe....

    I have no advice on the inflatables.....But, I had been thinking about getting a new canoe, since I can never find a used one, soooooo if you ever decide to go with an inflatable and want to get rid of your canoe.... Let me know

    "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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    All I can really add on an inflatable is that I've seen guides run them over rock that I normally play plinko in. There pretty tough, and you'd have to be moving at a good clip and hit a really sharp rock to do any damage to them! There also really quiet on the water, and may lend a hand in stealth.

    Happy hunting!


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    If you're thinking pontoon (two tubes strapped to a metal frame), don't waste your money. You'll use it 2-3 times, realize what a PITA it is to setup and tear down and then you'll either let it collect dust in your garage or sell it on Craigslist for a fraction of what you paid. I was good at setting my WaterSkeeter up and tearing it down and it still took me 30 minutes. That's 60 minutes each trip of wasted fishing time. Not to mention I was exhausted at the beginning of the trip from pumping up the toons and strapping the thing together and tired at the end of my trip from fishing all day and then I had to pull it all apart. Unless you are going to keep it assembled and inflated 100% of the time, IMO don't do it. I sold mine off recently because I hated the hassle.

    If I was in the market for a fishing boat for rivers and streams, I'd pick a canoe. Plop it in the water and go fish - doesn't get much easier than that.

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    Check out the AIRE Puma... I am looking to get a Super Puma. Plus if you know someone who can weld you can set yourself up with a pretty sweet oar frame, and a couple nice seats for your buddies to fish out of.

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    If I'm fishing streams I wade fish. But I also fish lakes often. I have both a pontoon boat and a float tube. If I have to hike to the launch point I haul the 12 pound Super Fat Cat on my back. I blow it up at home before I leave and strap it down on the bed cover on my truck.

    If I'm fishing a lake where the launch point is close to the parking lot, I fish from the pontoon boat. I have left it assembled since I bought it several years ago. I release the air in the winter and if I'm going up into the mountains, but otherwise I leave it inflated. I have a 7' boat that fits on the back of my truck. It's pretty light weight so I can easily load it on the bed cover and strap it down, and head for the lake.

    I think it's easier to fish out of the float tube, but in the pontoon boat you can cover more water easier with the oars and it's nice to be completely out of the water. I can also carry two rods with the pontoon boat.

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