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Thread: Slickrock Santeetlah Snowbird

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    Default Slickrock Santeetlah Snowbird

    Can anyone give me some info on fishing any of these creeks? I want to spend several days fishing them. I am not going to be camping and will be fishing only for the day and staying in a motel at night. Can anyone recommend the best town to stay in? I am assuming Robbinsville, but maybe someone has a better idea. How about access to these creeks? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
    Chris McCarthy

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    Robbinsville will be your best bet. As far as access, get Jimmy Jacobs book as he explains all three streams in detail. The are pretty much your average NC trout stream as far as what to expect as what flies and what the water will be like. Good luck.

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    Thumbs up Snowbird


    Skip Slickrock, its not worth the effort.

    Snowbird is a great stream at the right times. The water below "The Junction" is stocked and gets lots of attention from locals. The water above the Junction is hard to get to in spots, but can be very productive. If you like hiking, you can go above Big Falls (5 miles one way) or Middle Falls (7 miles one way) and get into some good Brookie fishing. I've done it a few times last year and will probably go again sometime in the next month or so.

    Shoot me an email if you're interested...


    I don't know anything about Santeetlah...

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    Yeah, PeteCZ's right.... somewhat..... skip slickrock... Slickrock is a very fun river if you don't have to hike in. I haven't done it simply because I have a boat but, there are some nice fish at times in the lower sections of the river. Right now and if time was an issue I wouldn't do it.

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