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Thread: Water Levels 5/10 - 16

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    Default Water Levels 5/10 - 16

    Heading down to the NC side of the mountains for a little R&R (read that as "fishing").

    Any updates on water levels at mid-elevations?

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    Default Raining some more...

    We've received a pretty good dose of rain the last 7 days. Take a look at the precip monitor for Bryson City:

    And another storm passed through this morning. The rain is just now hitting the NC side of the mountains. I would monitor this one to see roughly how the streams are doing:

    If thing settle down, fishing might be good starting on the 12th or 13th. I would stick to smaller streams before that...

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    friend of mine tried to fish Raven Fork yesterday morning blown out big time and we had rain today as well so probably running strong and muddy
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    At 3:00, shows another Big Nasty from Nashville north heading east! Most appears in Southern Ky for now!

    Randall Sale

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