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Thread: Norris Dam (Flood Gates Opening Up)

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    [QUOTE=waterwolf;67282]I have to ask where could you have possibly been that there were no bugs? I had buddies up high, and I was down low and had other friends in between, and everyone saw a blanket hatch. I was at P.O. late this afternoon, and the water was covered with husks floating down, from hatches upstream.

    Do you know what a sulphur looks like? Not trying to be mean, but I saw 1 caddis maybe, and 7 million sulphurs.

    I also, disagree with the hungry part of the fish, they are absolutely gorged, they were puking up nymphs they were so stuffed. And the girth they are carrying has been packed on over the last few weeks and not today.

    Aggressive, yes, because of the massive nymph swim fest which was going on all up and down the river.[/QUOT

    Yes obviously I know what a Sulphur is, and I didn't see any nor did the other people I talked to that fished the clinch today. There were plenty of bugs, I just never saw any Suphurs hatching.

    I started below the weir, then once generation started I floated from Peach to a private ramp about mile from 61. We were done by mid afternoon, and no sulphurs. The caddis was heavy below the weir when I was waiding, and then they were around several shoals between Peach and the ramp I got out at.

    Sorry you didn't get into the fish that were hungry. You would think with 7 million sulphurs they would be feeding like crazy, especially since that is what they do when hatches are coming off. I guess 7 million sulphurs were just chillin on the water with no fish feeding. Also, if there were that many sulphurs why were you throwing Nymphs. With that many sulphurs you might want to think about a Sulphur Pattern Dry Fly. I can give you a recipe for one if you want.

    Also, you said you were at Peach late afternoon, and you acted like you floated to 61 bridge. So tell everyone how your above post stated that you just got home, and it was made at 5 o'clock. Or are you telling everyone you can float from Peach to 61 Bridge in just a couple of hours, drive back pick up your vehicles get your gear together and go home and get on the internet by 5.

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    Let's see where to start, we pounded the fish, to the point of it being laughable. I am saying per your post, that the fish are not "hungry" as in they are not starving. I clearly said they were aggressive, and they paid the price for their aggressiveness.

    I put in around 7:30 at P.O., and got to 61 around 3:30 or 4:00, drove back up the river to get the shuttle vehicle and walked down to the river to take a leak. The river was covered with bugs at that time. Then spoke with several buds who were floating at different times on different stretches and everyone reported the same great hatch I saw. How you didn't see a hatch is dang near physically impossible, however some are more observant then others. I am also assuming the red tundra at 61 was yours since it was the only vehicle in the parking lot when we took out.

    Naturally you have no idea who you are conversing with via keyboard and monitor, but I am no stranger to the Clinch in any aspect. Please save your sulphur pattern, I assure you I don't need any help catching fish in the Clinch.

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    Fellas, it is all good since we got to fish... At least in my book it was...

    I drifted Peach Orchard to 61 Saturday from about 11-5. Unfortunately, I did not get to fly fish. I had a young family member in from out of town that had only been fishing once or twice and he was an eager one to try trout fishing. So, I basically spent the trip teaching him to cast a spinning rod and on other fundamentals. I had my fly rod, but, I can fish anytime and it was great seeing someone get so excited to catch a fish period.

    He ended up catching over thirty fish and about 5 decent sized fish...

    I did not see any Sulphurs during the few moments I checked the water, but, I did see several caddis...Not to say they were not there; just didn't put the time in to looking for them.

    Most of the stocker fish seemed very quick to hit and my group caught tons of them. I think the banks were more scoured from the high water than the bottom area was from my observations. The silt content was very low too. How this all pans out; not sure - I guess I will just have to fish it and let you guys know!

    It sure was busy out there! But, I was glad to see fellow fishermen out enjoying the river!

    Hope to see a few of you guys out tomorrow morning. If you ever see me in my blue and black aluminum vbottom; give me a shout. Also, if you ever need any assistance-please feel free to send me a txt message for my cellnumber and I will send it to you in case you get in to any trouble on the Clinch...

    To all our Veteran's on this forum - Many Many Thanks! I would not be able to enjoy life as I know it without your sacrifices!

    God Bless You!
    Shawn Madison
    “Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will, & creative imagination.
    These give us the ultimate human freedom... The
    to choose, to respond, to change.”

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