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Thread: Fishing in the rain??

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    Default Fishing in the rain??

    OK, it's looking like someone down there is doing the rain dance,,,, so,,,

    Any expert advise for depleting the population in a downpour??

    (Just a turn of phrase, I CPR)

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    I have done some of my most fun fishing in the rain. As long as there's not lightening and too much wind, it's like being one with the fish - everybody gets wet. I've fished in a downpour when I couldn't see my fly; all I could do was follow my leader as it floated down. The really nice thing is that stealth becomes less of a necessity because of all the surface splashing. But, believe me, they can still see a dry on the surface.

    Water levels are getting back to normal and if the forecasts hold (30% chance of rain Thurs and 40% Fri according to the Weather Channel), things should be just fine.

    And if I sound like I'm trying to convince myself that things will be good by Friday, it's probably because I'm getting out there rain or shine.

    On a serious note, if you're in one of the more trough-like streams like WPLP or Road Prong, watch for quickly rising water if a hard rain comes. It can sneak up on you in a hurry. Always have an exit strategy.

    And if you see a blue Exterra with NVR2L8 in big white letters on the back window and a TN TU plate, stop and say "Howdy!".
    Charlie B

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    I hear ya motto is anywhere...any time...any weather! Why the heck would i have rain gear if i wuz scared of gettin wet! Hope to see you at trout fest, will look for the Xtera, I am in a Mitsu Silver SUV with Blue surf for da fishing kayak
    If it swims throw a fly at it!

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    One of the best days I can remember fishing up above Elkmont was a day that was so dark and rainy that I could hardly see to tie on a fly....gave up on the dry fly option and fished a leadwing coachman wet fly....was catching a fish almost every cast.....didn't even notice I was getting wet.

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    Thanks, I will be looking for you all.

    I hear tell the KY Volvo is acting up, so we may be in a dark blue 95 Jeep Cherokee with WV plates. One or the other.

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