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    Hey Guys:
    New to this forum, but just thought you guys might like to see a few of my shots of our group from the last 4 annual trips to Hazel Creek. We have been fishing Hazel Creek and it's tributaries for the past 24 years.
    We have met many fine individuals over the years and I was excited to see others in this forum who enjoy the history, serenity and just plain beauty of the back country fishing in the Smokies.


    Harold Ross

    Here is the link:

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    Default 2009?

    Harold, Thanks for sharing. Myself and a few other guys are heading over this weekend and your pictures couldn't be better timed! I've never been over there and if I was anxious before, I'm chomping at the bit now...The pictures for 2009 aren't on your site yet. Have you all been over there yet this year? If so, how was it? If not, are you heading this weekend?

    It looks like you all are very well stocked when you head over...perhaps if you are there this weekend, we'll stop in and beg for some real dinner.....rather than backpacking meals...

    Thanks again for sharing and welcome!

    "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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    Default Fishing this weekend....!

    Pete, I'm sorry... but we will not be over at Hazel this weekend. We are normally over at Hazel this week ...coming out on Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend crowd. I have a 5 year old little angel that has put a damper on my traditional third week in May annual trip. She had her recital this past Sunday. We rescheduled our trip for the week of June 5-11 in the Bone Valley Area.
    As far as fishing conditions on Hazel, like I previously stated we meet lots of wonderful individuals over on the creek every year. One group out of Asheville NC just got back from Hazel on Sunday. He had three things to say......High water, lots of people and not many fish.

    Now, not to be Mr. Gloom and Doom. We have been going enough years that the fishing is the icing on the cake anymore. We also know where, when and how to fish this creek in lot of different situations. This knowledge has been acquired over many many years of trial and errror.

    Tip of the week: bring plenty of shot(sticky weight) and get use to fishing nymps.

    Time will not allow me to go further right now,

    Good luck and have a great trip.


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