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Thread: Looks like guns will be allowed in national parks

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    Quote Originally Posted by mora521 View Post
    Flat fly n,about 3 weeks ago on the Middle Prong of the Little river I was checked by 2 rangers,I had a daypack on and the 2 rangers rifled through my pack and they kept asking what kind of bait I was using.The reason they gave for looking in my pack was to see if I had any trout in there.I had a 4 inch Mora sheath knife on the hip belt of my pack and they kept asking if I had any more "weapons" on me.I told them I had a pocket knife,a Spyderco Caly 3 with a 3 inch blade.It was also called a weapon by the 2 rangers who had on little street shoes instead of boots on their feet.They had me lay the knife on the ground and sit down away from it while they continued to molest the contents of my pack.My rod was broken down and was leaning against a tree,when they finally left I went to get my rod and noticed the tip was lying on the ground.The next day I pulled the rod out to wipe it down and noticed the tip section was crushed.I do not know if I had stepped on it or they had,but my 20 year old Sage 4711LL was ruined.I took it in to LRO and Paula sent it to Sage to see if it could be repaired but they said they could not make a new tip and offered to send me a new rod for 125 dollars.I could not get the new rod without giving them the old one,too many memories in that rod so I turned the offer down Those two idiots turned a wonderful day into a day that will haunt me for years to come.I will never be searched by their ilk again.
    Unfortunately, some in law enforcement allow the power to go to their heads and get the John Wayne syndrom. They tend to forget that in the United States of America, one is still considered innocent until proven guilty (at least for now).

    Nothing wrong with them doing their job and in fact, I'm glad they're there but there's no excuse for a ranger or police officer to be rude to a citizen who is breaking no laws.

    Sorry about the rod.

    As for guns in the park, if this law ever goes into place (remember, Congress passed it as an attachment to another bill, they can just as easily tack on a repeal of this on a future bill), I will exercise my rights (and my Concealed Carry Permit) and carry a firearm where legally allowed to do so. Like so many othere, I'm not worried about bears. It's the 2 legged predators I'm worried about.

    However, I'm not holding my breath of this ever actually going into effect. A lot can happen in the next 9 months and I'm sure some anti-gun group already has an army of lawyers planning a strategy.


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    Yeah you eastern boys sure do blow a lot of smoke bout bears and such... oh wait I am from here so never mind... LOL...

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    We aren't worthy of your presence here. Forgive us.

    Quote Originally Posted by SHRGuide View Post
    You fella's here in the east don't have to worry about Mr. Griz! So with all this talk about bears being shot where are the stats? Love how you guys like blowing smoke. How to know when to shoot your gun? I will tell you, when Mr. Griz starts charging at you!!!!! This should always be a last resort or course. Bears are one of God's gifts and are beautiful creatures! In the same sense they should be viewed with caution. I will feel alot safer with the 44mag on my hip just in case! You old guys should bring your martin reels and fiberglass rods and come visit me in big sky country.

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    SHRGuide, are your SURE your not a Texan?

    As for me I have a permit to carry and would do so even if I did not. I carry when I go out - period. Of course I am over 50 and like to think i am not a complete idiot........

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    Guys, I didn't mean to offend anyone. To tell you the truth I don't know how I feel about guns being carried in the eastern NP's, but the west is a different story. This is simply after having an encounter with a griz. You guys are right though about the wrong people being able to carry guns in the park being a little scary. Especially when some "Ricky" with his new p-shooter and a half case of natural ice meets you on the trail.
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