Hey all,

Sorry about the late fishing report (meant to write it earlier), but I noticed a couple recent posts asking about the Doe/NE TN, and wanted to report that I stayed at Roan Mtn. State Park in late April for 4 nights, fished in the park the first couple days, then downriver the next two days. Fishing was awesome, water in prime shape (good flow, slightly stained, yet wadeable), insects were starting to hatch (including some big dark stoneflies, about an inch or so, resembled a smaller version of salmonflies out West), nymphed pretty much the whole time, a #10 brown weighted beadhead rubberleg stone nymph on 5X was the top producer, caught some very nice trout, particularly Browns, also some wild bows (hatchery bows as well within the state park), and even a couple native brookies from a small headwater tributary. One of the things that struck me about the trout here was their condition--almost all were fat, healthy, often with striking coloration (the wild fish that is), and incredibly strong. What a beautiful stream, with some surprising, marvellous trout. Oh, and I saw a hellbender as well, about 15" or so. I took a bunch of photos, of the Doe, trout caught, and the salamander, I'll try to download these in the near future and post them here.

Tight lines, Iain