Hello, thanks to all of you that attended and also made TroutFest a sucess. I also what to take this time to ask for more volunteers for TroutFest 2010.

We can always use more help. We need to have more people to work on setup, take down, TU Store, Auction, cooking, serving.

We have an awesone core group, but unless we expand the number of volunteers, we will burnout. I calcualted my hours just for the actual fest and I am right at 40 hours in 3 days. I think most people but in more hours than me. I had no time allowed to enjoy the Fest except for talking to Bob/Lefty/Joe while they were in the tent signing books and hats.

You do not have to belong to LRCTU to be a volunteer, many of the people helping were not LRCTU members.
Watch the LRCTU or TroutFest website for info on volunteering in 2010.

Thank you all,