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Thread: tellico fishing great

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    As Hans has mentioned, the North will be on your left as you go up the main road. There's a road that runs along the North River for a good bit of its course. There should be a sign out on the main road indicating the North River Campground to your left. Since you can access a good portion of the North via roadway, you'll find it a bit easier to fish than Bald.

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    Thanks guys. Hopefully I'll get up to the North River and check it out before end of summer. Good luck to both of you!

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    Something else to know -- on the Tellico you'll need a daily permit during the summer. It's heavily stocked. The North and Bald don't require the special permit, and there's no stocking, all wild fish.

    North River Road takes you way up, to NC I think. Stream gets pretty small up there.

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    I just returned from 3 days up there, go now, it's fantastic & for a weekend, we wern't disturbed on any water that we fished/
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