With hopes that Byron and Paula will allow, I would like to take this small liberty on the LRO board to mark the passing of Jim Birkholm "Jim Castwell" "JC" co-founder of the Fly Anglers Online Website and message board. Although I didn't personally know him, and had only exchanged a few quips and questions with him on the FAOL Forum...I could think of no better place to express a small rememberance of JC than the "Why We Fly Fish" forum at LRO.
I believe it is because of great storytellers like Jim, that the mystique, majesty, beauty, peacefullnes, and grace of our sport weaves in and out of history much as the waters we all so treasure weave down the mountainsides. Not many people could express their love of this sport in prose, poetry, or jargon as well as Jim.
I know that some of you here frequent the FAOL site, you too will miss him; for those of you not familiar with his articles, I highly recommend a visit to the FAOL archives...nothing would make the man happier!
He was truly a man of infinite jest and wisdom.

JC's passing also serves to remind me to thank all of you folks...Though I don't really know any of you...each of you are an integral part of why I Fly Fish!

p.s. "Hey Jim! Put in a good word for us with the Guy that runs those private waters you're fishing in...will ya?"