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Thread: Recommend guide for GSMNP fishing?

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    Default Guide for GSMNP

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Hugh Hartsell's Advanced Nymphing class. It is a one on one day on the water learning about how, why, and where of fly fishing. Since my experience has mostly been on tailwaters it was an eye opening experience. Hugh gave me exactly what I wanted and then some, and now I am confident with a little practice I may become a very damgerous fish catching machine. Hugh I had a day that will not be forgotten and look forward to a follow up session and another peach.
    Your friend

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    Default My pleasure

    It is always a great pleasure to take clients like yourself out and see them start from scratch, and progress, as the day moves along. You realize as time passes through the day that the person is learning about casting properly, mending when necessary,reading water correctly, how to detect strikes, how to play and land fish, and many other esssential things that make a productive and enjoyable day on the stream. It was great working with you and I hope that you are back on the stream real soon putting those new skills to work.
    By the way, the next variety of peaches are getting ripe. We won't tell anyone about that pecan pie and vanilla ice cream or the blackberry cobbler and ice cream. Big grin here.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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