Hey Guys,
I'm gearing up for a trip to the Pensacola area late June, and need some advice on a WF8 all purpose saltwater line.
I started out with a Courtland Fairplay, and am afraid that it will wither in the mid-summer heat of the panhandle...heck it withers in north alabama May temps.
I anticipate some medium breezes, heavier flies, and like the sound of some of the shorter tapers found on some of the Redish Lines...but I need watch my budget, and find a good all purpose light inshore salt line that will serve me both for inshore salt and summer freshwater lake usage.
I'll be casting it on a TFO-Pro 9' 8wt with a pflueger trion 1978 Mid arbor.

Any advice would be appreciated...I have some gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket, that I'm sure LRO would love to extinguish.

Thanks in advance.