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    Hit the local GSMNP blueline earlier today. Had a pretty good day. We didn't just tear 'em up, but we caught some fish and had a good time being outside in the wilderness. Success was had mostly with a grey parachute adams and yellow elk hair caddis, with a few coming off of flashback hare's ear nymphs and bead head pheasant tails for droppers. Probably caught 20 or so and missed more strikes than that between the two of us in about 3-3.5 hours. Most of the fish were brookies, but a rainbow and a brown were caught also. Here are a couple of pics from the day. Enjoy.
    A smaller feeder stream
    A little branch lettuce
    Nice hole

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    Nice Pics! I am still like a little kid where I like the stories with pictures best! I cant wait to get up there and take a few myself!

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