Long time without a post by me (wife and I had our first baby a few months back, first good reason not to go fishing I've experienced in a long time). Anyway, I have gotten out a couple of times at my wife's folks lake house on Ft Loudoun chasing carp in a few flats around their place. It is certainly fun and challenging but there are always fish to cast at and there are some absolute blimps out there (haven't gotten into any of those yet...). Couple of thoughts on carpin' on the fly so far:

1) I started out not liking the muddy water becaus it makes spotting fish hard. I have since decided it is a good thing as the fish have a hard time spotting me! I've floated up to and over feeding fish that never noticed me at all.
2) I've started to pick up the technique of looking for some discoloration (like a lighter colored plume of muddy water than the rest of the lake) and the little bubbles that the carp churn up when they are muddling along the bottom. Those are my targets to cast at
3) I've lost several flies to some big fish and have decided that another bonus of the muddy water is that anything resembling food (i.e. a brown bugger-ish fly) will fool a carp or two
4) I cast the fly to where I think the carp is, drag it along the bottom very slowly until I feel the line tighten, set the hook and hold on.
4) I've caught bass, gar, and sunfish by accident while carpin, a sweet bonus.

I encourage anyone with a fly rod to give it a try some time and to let me know if you ever want to go out in Loudoun or Melton Hill. I have a two man canoe waiting for action.

- CinciVol