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Thread: 3 weight fun

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    Default 3 weight fun

    I managed to slip out again after I finished working yesterday. I'd been wearing out my usual haunts, and wanted to fish somewhere I normally don't. So, I headed up the Little River above Metcalf Bottoms. I can't say that I caught a bunch of fish, but the ones I caught sure were bigger than I'm used to. I caught them on a wide variety of flies, and never caught a thing once the yellow sallies started hatching.
    Here's the stretch I fished

    Pocket rainbow


    I think I'm done fishing till the weekend. I have some honey-do's that need done.
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    The water looks great Buzz! I plan on heading to the mountains tomorrow rain or shine. Those are some nice looking fish, in particular that bow, he looks alive and ready to swim again


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    Quote Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post
    he looks alive and ready to swim again
    You've got me figured out. I'd never take a picture of a dead fish!
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    Default You're killin' me

    I'm stuck in NYC right now and you're out fishing every night...

    Keep up the great work, I appreciate your pics!

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