I am interested in getting a new 5 or 6 weight. I found this awesome article on 5 weights, and I was surprised by the winner. Which was the Z-axis by Sage, and 2nd was the G Loom GLX Streamdance. The G loom was a huge surprise since so many people bad mouth the GLX series. To be honest I was leaning towards a Helio, Scott G2, and Winston BIIx. Now I have to reconsider, I know ratings are just ratings, but this article has some actual validity in the testing. So now I am going to test The above 2 rods and the 3 others I mentioned with more of an open mind. I also noticed Cabellas had the Sage XP on a limted run, but I am not sure how they compare to the new technologies, also I can't support local shops if I buy from them which is quite important to me.

The next thing I need to decide is to get a 5 or 6 weight. I have a 3 weight TFO Pro (good enough for streams),a G loom IM6 4 weight (its my baby), a 5 weight TFO Pro ( I hate its feel, but it is a true wind beater, 6 weight Bass Pro Piece of S%^&, and a Ross 8 weight (Only used on Salt Water). Obviously I need a 5 or 6 weight. I feel my 5 weight TFO Pro can feel the gap for a 6 weight since it is such a stiff rod. So do I go with a new 5 weight or a 6 weight?

Article I read: