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    We were in the valley on May 30th. 3 bows and 1 brook up near the Woody place and 1 brown and 2 bows near the old Palmer house. My son had one on that was stripping line but in a flash it flipped and was gone. This was his trip so the antique spinner with a modified panther martin worked very well.

    For those that have never been to Cataloochee take the time to explore and learn the history of the people that lived there, this is a part of the park that we really connect with.

    We then ran over to underwear curve near Chimney Top picnic area and landed 1 brown and 3 bows, we then used the pen light to get out of the dark, dark woods.

    Underwear curve is where we were driving a while back with my son's shorts and underwear were hanging out trying to dry them and off they flew, this is how we came to name this section. The river is about 150 yards below the road below the rock wall, nice pools and pocket water.

    Sorry no pics, all were in the 6" to 8" range and a total of 30 minutes fishing in Cataloochee and then another 30 minutes below Chimney Top.
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