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    Hi everyone,

    Iím new to the Forum but have been bumming information from you guys for over a year so, I thought I would finally return the favor (Sorry for the delay).

    Over the Memorial Day I made a trip to the Cataloochee Valley area for a one day speck trip. On Saturday I hiked up the Palmer Creek Trail and fished some small tributaries. I'm not usually a counter but after catching a fish on a half hearted first cast I decided it might be interesting.

    Three hours and fifty two brook trout later I decided to call it a day. Would have stayed longer but I needed to meet my girlfriend who had hiked the Boogerman Trail and was likely done by that point.

    On the way out I chucked a couple near the horse camp on Palmer and caught a couple of bows.

    The largest speck went eight inches with an average of around four inches. No monsters but all were trophies.


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    Nice report. My dad, cousin, and I are going to camp at 39 for two nights and do the same trip you did, and after your report I really can't wait to fish Palmer Creek and its tribs. I really need July to get here faster because I can't wait.

    Daniel Koeppel

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