Reminds me of a time on a tailwater where a "client" and an unexperiienced "guide" using the term loosely had a fish on. I watched from a distance and asked as teh drag was screaming is it a good one. They guy said don't know can't pull to hard with 7X in abou what seemed like 5mins he finally landed a 14-15in bow. I was like huh? But oh well, that is the lesson people are getting. I won't fight a fish long. I lost the biggest smallie of my life possible on last Monday trying to end a fight quick when I ahve not doubt I could have wore it down somemore and had a lot better chance of landing it. I made a hurried stupid mistake and now it is just a memory with out a pic. I think poor fish fighting is worse than handling but there is a limit to handling. I have in the last bit tried to make a effort to pick better photo locations and now look back at pics in sand, on dry rocks and stuff and kinda am like what? So reading these posts have taught me something that is positive. So keeping us In check isn't a bad thing. All in all I think it is well meant.