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    Good morning Anglers

    I will be visiting family in Fayetteville next week and plan on spending some time fishing the Elk below the dam. Any fishing reports and hatch information will be helpful.

    Then on my way back we are stopping in Sevierville, the family is spending a few days at a water park.....and I thought I would spend those days fishing in the Smokies. I was wanted a place somewhat easy to find and have easy access to as I will be alone. Any thoughts on the Little River stream that run along the road between Gatlinburg & Townsend?
    Thanks for any information!

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    Call Tim's Flies and Lies in Lynchburg.

    #25 Mechanics Street
    PO Box 8067
    Lynchburg, TN 37352

    Phone: 931- 759-5058
    Cell: 931-212-4945

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    We fished the Elk yesterday. LOTS of people there. I caught 3 small browns and 1 decent rainbow. Flies that produced: grey thread midge, black zebra midge and an olive wooly bugger.
    Good luck!

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    Check in with Daniel at LRO. I was there two weeks ago and he can give you the information you need. He was straight up with his advice and everything went exactly as he said. It made my weekend.

    Hal M

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