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Thread: This is the year- help a newbie out

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyman View Post
    In addition to all the good advice you have already been given. Buy a good pair of sunglasses. Locating big fish and learning the type of places they may be in any given stream is very important. Fish early and late, go when the weather is bad and the water is up and stained. Once you locate large fish make a mental note of their location. Chances are it's a prime location and the fish won't move very far, or if they do another large fish will take up residence there.

    Waterwolf, can I ask you why you say to steer clear of soft hackles and techniques that swing flies? Swinging streamers and soft hackles, and using techniques like the Leisenring Lift have produced some nice fish over the years for me. Just curious about your thoughts and observations

    I just bought a pair of Costa Del Mars, I'm good on sunglasses.
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    Default Great Information

    Waterwolf and Gutshot, thanks for the information. A good exchange of opinions without getting nasty....

    To throw in my two cents about knots. Skip the Clinch and Improved Clinch and go with a Pitzen knot. Its stronger and easy to tie:

    "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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    Neat knot. Sort of a backward improved clinch. Good site; I'm going to add it to my favorites list. thanks

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    The reason I mentioned good sunglasses is because catching and stalking big fish is more like hunting some time. I spend a lot of time some days just looking and watching. It's amazing what you will see some times if you will just back out of the water and watch a nice pool or run for a while. I have a lot better chance of catching a fish I can see than blind fishing a likely looking spot.

    I think you might be right about dead drifting nymphs catching more fish and your reasoning in the context of the original question makes sense to me. I think I am more prone to fish a wet fly on the swing when caddis and swimming type nymphs are emerging.
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    The Pitzen is just a single locking blood knot. IF you go take that "tail" of tippet and go between the "legs", (that portion of the line that comes out of the eye), then back through the "head" or loop you formed at the beginning as shown in the final step that is a "double locking blood knot". I have used that knot thousands of time in surgery and NEVER with a failure. It was my standard knot until I came across the one that Kreh uses for streamers and I use it for nymphs to give it the wiggle. . On dries I have my own knot that I like and it seems to work well and is easy to tie, without a bunch of line at the knot showing. Similiar to an Orvis know but way easier. I make my living with knots so I know them all, and experiment from time to time(on flies of course).....That's another thing. Practice, practice your knots so that when your hands are cold or little light you get it right, so when the big fish hits, it doesn't pop off.

    I like long leaders in the 15-16ft range if I happen to fish up in Greeneland(last weeks discussion).

    6x Fluoro for DRIES and nymphs. Some will argue but OK who gets more than an perfect 10ft or more dry drift.

    Take your pretty chartuese, UT orange fly lines and throw them away. If I can see you cast 200 yards away what do you think a fish with neurons that can distinquish colors on a #18 dun can do?

    Learn to cast. More than two backcast are a waste of time. Never false cast over a pool directly. Aim above or below and change the angle at the final approach as not to "line a fish". You don''t know how many times I see guys slap the water in front of them while casting. Backcast not so much of a problem, but geeze, sending a message to the fish before you even land the fly?

    Learn to tie flies and vary the one that are sold in shops. It's the neuron thing again. If every guys is out there fishing with a gold bead head PTN...yeah your one of them, admit it.

    Leave your bright clothing at home. I see guys all the time fishing with the same stuff on they use in rifle season deer hunting......There is a joke there about UT fans, but I will leave that alone.

    Observe a blue heron sometime about how he goes about stalking a fish. Low and slow and little movement. Works for them. it will work for you.

    And finally..continue to write TWRA and thank them for regulations on our streams that allows bigger fish to grow so you get that shot a 20" fish.
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    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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    Flat flyn', makes one of the best points in his post, one which I forgot. Where natural colors or at least dark colors. It may not always make a difference but it certainly doesn't hurt to try and blend in to the back ground. Nothing stands out like a white shirt or my all time favorite, red.

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